Crimea - the 8th wonder of the world

Достопримечательности КрымаThe Crimean peninsula is a true eighth wonder of the world. It can boast of a rich history, which goes into the distant ages. On its territory there is a great variety of interesting places. This and museums, and monuments of history, nature and culture. Every tourist who decided to rest here, trying to see the sights of Crimea. Such amazing places can not be found in any corner of the world.

What to visit in the Crimea depends on the preferences and interests of the guests of the peninsula. Some like to make excursions through the magnificent palaces and estates of the aristocracy. Others like to visit the remains of ancient settlements and fortresses, which tell about the life of the peoples who inhabited Crimea in ancient times. Someone like historical museums, art exhibitions, the house where once the people of culture and art lived. Crimea Nature can also hit their bizarre landscapes, waterfalls, picturesque valleys. In general, each tourist can find interesting places that he can visit during your vacation in the Crimea.

If you want to visit places of interest in Crimea, around the peninsula tour will introduce you to amazing places and the incredible history of this "paradise" corner. This real "open air museum", full of mysteries and unique places you will remember for years to come!


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