Excursions in Crimea

The peninsula of Crimea attracts millions of tourists with its unique nature, as well as numerous attractions. There are many historical monuments that have survived to the present day and talk about how to live and develop the peninsula for several centuries. From ancient times to the modern world can tell you about the sights of Crimea peninsula on which tour you can make every tourist.
The variety of attractions, guests of the Crimea can opt for a visit to the most interesting and fascinating places. Every corner of the peninsula has to offer to make sightseeing trips. Western, Eastern, Southern coast of Crimea - all rich in objects that are of interest to both adults and children.
Excursions in the Crimea, prices for sightseeing offer different, but in general, available. So you can choose any item to your liking and go for a walk. If you love old mansions, palaces, museums at home, then you should visit the southern coast of Crimea. This region can offer a tour of the Vorontsov, Massandra, the Livadia Palace. You can visit the estate and the house where the famous people, writers, poets, artists, politicians lived. This region is famous for its huge park with lush vegetation. At any time, the Nikitsky Botanical Garden visitors will be able to strike a unique exhibition of flowers and other plants that are striking in their beauty and unusual varieties.
Sevastopol and its surroundings attract lovers of history, the battle of battles. Here you can take a tour of the remains of an ancient fortress, visit the once-secret facilities, Diorama, Panorama and many other objects that tell the story of the heroic past of the Crimea. Not far from Sevastopol is Chersonesus. This ancient city perfectly preserved. This is where Prince Vladimir converted to Christianity. Near the ruins of Chersonese can visit the Temple of Vladimir, which is striking in its beauty and grandeur.
Western and Eastern Crimea abounds in ancient fortresses and fortifications, where excavations still underway. Even now, scientists are finding new sites, which tell about the life of Crimean settlers who lived here many centuries ago.
Those tourists, who visited the Crimea, excursions, leave only rave reviews. Here you can see the many fascinating attractions, and at an affordable price or even for free. You can always diversify your measured rest by the sea and take a trip to interesting places of the Crimea.


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