2 beaches in Evpatoria included in the list of the best beaches of Crimea according to the Ministry of Resorts

The Ministry of resorts and tourism of Kazakhstan named the best beach areas of the Crimea, where residents and guests of the Peninsula can relax in comfort. The choice of coastal zones is great: along the coast of Crimea there are many villages and resort towns with a variety of beaches – from wild rocky or pebble to "Golden" sandy. There are more than 400 of them, and of them the Ministry of Resorts allocated fourteen coastal recreational areas with the best infrastructure. Among the best – beach "Deck" in the village Novofedorovka Saki Peninsula, two beaches in Saki - "Surf" and the coastal area of the sanatorium "Poltava-Crimea", the Central beach in Sudak, two beaches in Feodosia - "Scarlet sails" and "117", as well as the seaside recreational area of the pension "Sea" in Alushta, "Massandra beach" in Yalta, "sunset" in Olenevka black sea area and two beaches in Yevpatoria — "Bitter" and Cote d'azur. The coastal area of the beaches of Yevpatoria is well-maintained:

  •  clean, well maintained,
  •  with shady canopies or umbrellas,
  • with urns and changing rooms.

In addition, all the beaches are equipped with the necessary security elements: rescue towers, rescue equipment, information boards. At the request of visitors, sun loungers or other services can be provided for a fee. However, this is only a small part of the beaches for a good rest in the Crimea, stressed in the relevant Ministry, landscaped coastal areas on the Peninsula is much more.

Source: crimea.ria.ru

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