The annual White Flower charity event was held in Evpatoria

White flower in Evpatoria

September 29, the Day of Charity and Mercy was held in Crimea. On this day, in many cities and towns of the peninsula, an action “White Flower” was held, which was a continuation of a charitable cause organized more than a century ago by representatives of the royal family.

Tourists who were vacationing at that time in the Crimea had something to do in Evpatoria. On the Day of Charity on the Theater Square of the resort held a fair of handicrafts and food, consecrated by Metropolitan Lazarus. Anyone could take part in the event. It was possible to bring our products to tents specially set for this.

At the fair, you could purchase your favorite works, as well as participate in master classes in decorating cookies or painting toys.

During the campaign, a costume contest of the period of the 19th - early 20th centuries and a big gala concert were held.

In the evening on the Day of Charity, the action was summed up. The collected money was transferred to pay for the transportation of children to medical clinics in Moscow and other Russian cities.

Other Crimean cities also took an active part in the “White Flower” charity event. For example, in Feodosia passed the “Ball at Aivazovsky”. And for schoolchildren of Crimea, lessons of mercy were held, which were attended by representatives of the church.


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