In Crimea, the country's first underwater hotel may appear

Underwater hotel in the CrimeaDesigners from Arkhangelsk are developing the country's first underwater hotel for divers. This was told on its website by the well-known blogger Oleg Kuleshov. It is reported that in the underwater pressure chamber-hotel can simultaneously live up to 10 people. The cabins will be with separate bathrooms, bathrooms, refrigerator, air conditioning, TV and telephone.
Oleg Kuleshov:
"Virtually all the sea resorts in the world have diving centers that rent out equipment, conduct training and organize underwater excursions, but usually such excursions are limited to two or three short dives per day.To increase the time spent underwater for several days, the archangel diver Vladimir Kukhtarov started creating an underwater laboratory-hotel over 18 meters long. "
Underwater hotel will be the 3rd similar building in the world.

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