Evpatoria was visited by 50 thousand tourists from foreign countries

Since the beginning of the year in Evpatoria visited 144 thousand organized and self-assembled 600 thousand tourists, of that number 50 thousand tourists were citizens of foreign countries.
On his page in social network Facebook the head of the Yevpatoria administration Andrei Filonov wrote the following:
"From the beginning, Evpatoria accepted on rest and treatment of more than 144 thousand organized tourists, which is 60% more than last year. In the active holiday season, the occupancy rate of health resorts amounted to an average of 90-95%. About 600 thousand so-called self-organized holidaymakers chose the place for their summer vacation our town. Second in the number of arrivals group consists of tourists from neighboring countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania – 13%. In the third place, the guests from foreign countries. Them – 7%. Coming from Israel, Scotland, New Zealand, Vietnam, Nigeria, Morocco".
Source: news.allcrimea.net
Photo: travel.rambler.ru


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