In Evpatoria, Silicon Valley may appear

In Evpatoria, Silicon Valley may appearEvpatoria will become the center of "digitalization" - a digital cluster will be created in the resort city. Anatoly Aksakov, the head of the State Duma committee on the financial market, said this on the air of Sputnik in Crimea radio. According to him, experts associated with the digital economy are already negotiating with the local authorities.

"Experts from science related to the digital economy took part in the work we carried out here. Now they have almost agreed with Yevpatoria that such centers will be created there and the construction will be carried out. They will bring tadpoles from Russia, or maybe , they’ll come from abroad. It will be such a center of competence where these “tadpoles will live, create. This is the Crimean silicone valley, a digital cluster. First they will implement it in Crimea (digital technologies - eds.), and then it will go all the way territory of Ros AI, and then - to the world ", - said Aksakov.

The parliamentarian did not name the exact dates for building a digital cluster in Yevpatoriya. At the same time, according to his forecasts, the Crimean economy may completely switch to a figure in the next five years.


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