Entertainment in the Crimea in 2015

Entertainment in Evpatoria represented in the large range, because this resort is not for nothing called "family." Infrastructure of the city is designed in such a way that there was not boring or adults or children. So which provides entertainment in the Crimea and in particular in Evpatoria?

In 2014- the year in the city center finally built a water park. Previously, tourists had to travel in the "banana republic" a few kilometers from Evpatoria on the highway. Now the water park can be reached on foot and hold it all, an unforgettable day!
A visit to the aquarium - the perfect entertainment for children in KrymuRazvlecheniya for children in Evpatoria

Even in Evpatoria there is a huge aquarium, dolphin, multipark, cinemas with cartoons, as well as a huge selection of all sorts of attractions on the waterfront and parks, bike rental and a velomobile for the whole family. However, in the Crimea entertainment for children presented the same activities, so being in Evpatoria, tourists would not want to go out of it. Here, as in Greece, "is everything." Another thing - themed festivals and celebrations.


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