The 2 in April 2013 in Evpatoria aquarium container arrived from Kiev with two young blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus). Predators come a long way from the Pacific Ocean , was well tolerated akulyata road, did not experience stress and successfully passed acclimatization in Germany and lingered for a month in Kiev because of snowdrifts and bad weather .

Evpatorian aquarium director Gennady Chuschenko prepared to accept new pets spacious 10 -ton tank with sea water and minerals.

Akulyata curious and not shy , they are not big - about 50 cm in length , one of them male , the second floor of a predator , so far, can not be determined . Sharks have released a new aquarium and are being monitored.

In Evpatoria aquarium sharks are fed until invertebrates - squid and mussels.

Evpatorian aquarium director Gennady Chuschenko reports that close to the May collection replenished with new aquarium with tropical fish .


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